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About Vaishnava Vivaha Vedika

Happy Vaishnava Couple In the year 1991, a decade and a half ago, Ms. Jayalakshmi Chakravarthi founded the "Vaishnava Vivaha Vedika". She started the service exclusively to serve Sri Vaishnava/Iyengar community in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad).This is a pioneer institute of this kind in the capital city. The Vedika has grown in number and reputation since its humble start, providing absolutely free service to a moderate number of 30 Brides and 40 Sri Vaishnava Grooms. The late Mrs. Jayalakshmi Chakravarthi, in a way, devoted her energy and time for this noble cause which was appreciated by the big wigs of the Sri Vaishnava community. The vedika is meant to assist Telugu / Tamil speaking Sri Vaishnava / Iyengars, basically from Andhra Pradesh, who might have settled or migrated to any place in India or abroad. In all probability one of your friends, relatives or family member's marriage might have arranged by us.

Vedika has list of details of Sri Vaishnava Brides / Grooms such as Engineer's Doctors, Software professionals, NRI's, Industrialists, business people, and other professionals residing in India and Abroad.

The list also contains profiles of divorcees, widows and widowers too.

Profiles are being added up day by day.

Vaishnava Vivaha Vedika welcomes applications from Sri Vaishnava Brides and Grooms in India and abroad.